Total Prize Pool
Squad + Solo Race
$50Early Bird rewards
Participants who register within 72 hours before the start of the squad race and solo race can receive a bonus reward of up to $50.
*To receive the full bonus, users are required to complete mobile verification and achieve a minimum trading volume of $30,000.
Sign Up
Entertainment Venue
Total $500,000 Lucky Draw
By participating in the entertainment venue and completing tasks such as deposit, inviting friends, and achieving trading volume, you can receive a maximum reward of 10,000 USDT.
-The total prize pool and reward amounts will be updated based on the accumulated unlock count. The more unlocks achieved, the higher the probability of winning the grand prize.
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Individual Race
Squad Race
Lucky Draw
Copy Trading
Max $400,000 Prize Pool
Max prize pool will be unlocked after reaching 3600participants, winners will increase along with the upgrade of prize pool.
*All Rewards are in USDT.
Up to $100,000 for the first prize reward.
Users can claim multiple bonuses based on PnL(%), profits and , trading volume.
*The bonuses in this prize pool are in USDT.
$100Lucky Registration Prize
100 successful applicants (100th, 200th…) will receive 100 USDT
Bonus rewards.
Individual futures trading exhibition held only by Zoomex
$500,000 Lucky Draw
A lottery chance to get trading bonus,
coupons, and gift rewards according to trading volume.
$40New User Registration Bonus
New users who register and successfully sign up for squad race, individual race, or copy trading after July 24, 2023, can receive a maximum of $40 USDT bonus.
Up To 40% Fee Discounts
Invite your friends and enjoy fee discounts with them
$20Squad Creation Bonus
The first 10 people to sign up for each squad
will receive an additional $20 in Bonus.
Event Introduction
ZWSOT is the world's largest cryptocurrency trading conference, and ZOOMEX has prepared generous rewards for you.
Power Up Your Trading
Amp up your trading experience with extra rewards
Get the full picture of ZWSOT 2023
Get the full picture of ZWSOT 2023
















Learn more about the schedule and rules.

Early Bird

Official Registration

Incentives for both old and new users

Late Registration(Squad race)

Up to $40 bonus for new users

Late Registration (Individual race)

Individual race registration is now open

Entertainment Venue

Share the $500,000 total prize pool

Competition Phase

Participate & win from a total prize pool worth up to 7,000,000 USDT!

Invite Your Friends
Inviter: If you successfully invite friends to participate in the competition through the league invitation link, you will receive discount. If the number of successful invitations is 1, enjoy a 20% discount; if the number of successful invitations is ≥2, enjoy a discount of 30% Discount; when the number of successful invites is ≥ 4, enjoy a 40% discount; applicable to all contract transactions
Invitee: If you successfully sign up for the competition through the invitation link of the inviter, you will enjoy a 20% discount on the trading fee.
Invite Now
Fee discount period:Aug 07, 2023 to Aug 27, 2023
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