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Treasure Draw record
How to Get Treasure tickets
Invite Friends
Every time you invite a new friend to register and the invitee successfully participates in any treasure event, you can get 100 treasure tickets. The total treasure ticket you can get is up to 1000.
For every 1000USD deposit , you can get 100 Treasure Coupons. The total treasure coupon you can get is up to 1000.
For every 20000USD transaction, you can get 100 Treasure tickets. The total treasure ticket you can get is up to 1000.

Event Rules

Users must click "Register Now" button to confirm their registration to the event and be eligible for rewards.
The total deposit and trade made on Zoomex during the campaign period will be counted to this event as long as users click "Register Now" button within the campaign period.
Participants will automatically receive treasure ticket after completing each requirement.
Rewards will be distributed within 10 business days of the official end of the event.
Participation in the subscription requires the use of the user's real assets. Except special campaign period, once the subscription is made, the funds subscribed will not be refunded even if the prize is not won!
The Special Refund Campaign from 2024.05.15 to 2024.06.15 is conditional only upon user who has successfully registered To The Moon . Within 10 business days after the special campaign ends, we will refund the full amount you spent during the period.
Zoomex reserves the right to disqualify a user if he/she engages in any inappropriate, dishonest, or abusive activities (such as wash trading, volume faking, participating using multiple accounts, market manipulation, etc.) during the campaign period.
Zoomex reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of the campaign at any time without prior notice.